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07 October 2008 @ 10:16 pm
Hi everyone,

A long while back I ended the updates on this journal since I was very busy with a lot of the work on Club Stripes and helping that all get started up.

These days, while I'm still busy, I'm working on new things and I'm spending the time to make sure and share it is many places as I can!

So everyone knows, this journal is being reformatted to be a devblog for my new Peaches & Cream book, hence the lack of journal entries on here now. None of that stuff had anything to do with this new book and hell, more than half of it was just ads for auctions anyway. No big loss there.

But... for those that would like to gather up the art I did on here, I've made my LJ folder public. It'll be up for about the next month and then I'm taking it down.

So, if you'd like to get any of the art that was featured here, just go to the link below.

WARNING: ADULTS ONLY!! No kiddies! I'm not responsible if ya get yerself in trouble with the 'rents!


Thanks everyone and hope to really get back into things on here very soon. Take care~
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